Choosing The Perfect Fence

When you first buy a home, you might care more about your furniture or your home's facade than you do about your front fence. However, there aren't many home components that play as important of a role as that yard enclosure. In addition to protecting your kids and pets, fences can also dress up your property and make the area look polished. Unfortunately, if you don't know a lot about fences, it might be difficult to choose one when you have the chance. My blog is designed to walk you through your fence options, so that you aren't left wondering how to improve your curb appeal.

Tips For Maintaining Your Wood Fence


If you would like to make sure that your wood fence will last for as long as possible, you will want to check out the following tips.

Keep The Post Bases Caulked

Even though you are securing your posts in place with concrete, you will want to add an extra layer of protection by adding a line of caulking where the wood and concrete meet. This will ensure that even the slightest amount of shifting will not allow any water to make its down further down along the wood post base. It also very important to make sure that you inspect the condition of the caulking at least twice a year and that you add more as needed.

Keep The Plant Life Away From The Fence

While it might be tempting to plant shrubs or vines against your wood fence in order to hide the wood or to simply add some decoration, it is important to make sure that the plant life is not touching the wood. If you have plants growing on or close to the wood to the point it is touching it, it can cause the wood to rot, which means costly repairs. Therefore, if you want to plant some shrubs in front of the fence, you will need to keep them a few feet away and make sure that you stay on top of the pruning of the shrubs.

Power Wash The Dirt Off

Over time, dirt and grime can collect on your fence, making it appear very dull. Use a power washer to clean all of that off at least once a year. If you do not own or want to own your own power washer, you can rent one from a local equipment rental facility. Just make sure that you take note of any loose screws or nails before you use the power washer. This way, the pressure from the power washer will not make a small damaged section of your fence any worse. Make the necessary repairs before cleaning the fence up.

Keep It Sealed

You will want to add a layer of sealant to your wood fence at the beginning of every summer. This will protect the wood from discoloration or from drying out and splitting apart. The sealant can be easily brushed on just like any other paint that you might use. The fresh layer of sealant will also make it a lot easier to keep the fence nice and clean. 

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11 August 2016