Choosing The Perfect Fence

When you first buy a home, you might care more about your furniture or your home's facade than you do about your front fence. However, there aren't many home components that play as important of a role as that yard enclosure. In addition to protecting your kids and pets, fences can also dress up your property and make the area look polished. Unfortunately, if you don't know a lot about fences, it might be difficult to choose one when you have the chance. My blog is designed to walk you through your fence options, so that you aren't left wondering how to improve your curb appeal.

Make Sure Your Wooden Fence Is Ready Before A Blizzard Hits


If the weatherman tells you a blizzard is on its way, it's often ideal to take proper precautions to ensure you and your property are safe. Besides making sure you have enough food in your home, you should take time to inspect your wooden fence and make sure it is ready for the snow. If it is not, you would end up with a damaged fence that would cost you money in repairs. Follow the tips below and your wooden fence will hold up to just about everything, even a blizzard.

Do an Inspection

Walk around your wooden fence to make sure you do not see any rot forming that would be likely from spring and summer rainfalls. If your wooden fence has rot, you would see loose posts, or your gate may be sagging or not closing properly. You may even notice boards that are caving in.

If you see that your wooden fence has rotted, it is time to tear it down, and hire a fence builder to build you a new one. If you do this, choose a wooden fence out of redwood or cedar. These types of wood are resistant to rot.

Also, check the fence posts to make sure they are not damaged or loose in any way. If you only see one or two damaged or loose boards, you can replace or tighten them up. You should also look at the gate to make sure the latch is not rusty. If so, you will need to replace it.

Waterproof the Fence

If you find that your wooden fence is in good shape, you should waterproof it to protect it from moisture from the snow. This will also protect it from rotting. Purchase a waterproof sealant at a home supply store. Follow the instructions on how to apply it properly.

Keep Snow and Leaves Away

Remove any leaves that are against your fence. This is important, as when it rains and the leaves become wet, they can cause your fence to rot. The easiest way to remove the leaves would be with a leaf blower. If you do not have one, you can use a small shovel or rake.

When it stops snowing, remove any snow that is resting up against the fence as soon as you can. The fence posts will rot if the snow is left there for long periods of time. A snow blower works well for this.

Doing the above will ensure your fence will withstand weather conditions, and you will have a nice fence once the snow melts and spring arrives. for more tips or assistance, contact companies like Absolute Fencing LLC . 


21 January 2016