Choosing The Perfect Fence

When you first buy a home, you might care more about your furniture or your home's facade than you do about your front fence. However, there aren't many home components that play as important of a role as that yard enclosure. In addition to protecting your kids and pets, fences can also dress up your property and make the area look polished. Unfortunately, if you don't know a lot about fences, it might be difficult to choose one when you have the chance. My blog is designed to walk you through your fence options, so that you aren't left wondering how to improve your curb appeal.

Preparing Your Backyard For The Addition Of A New Puppy To Your Family


Adopting a puppy can be an exciting time for your family, but it also means that you will need to make a few adjustments to your home. One of the areas that you will definitely need to focus on when getting your home ready for their arrival is the backyard. Since you will likely want to let your dog outside every day, you will need to take the time to get your yard dog-proofed so that it is safe and enjoyable.

Check for Any Gaps in the Fencing

If you already have fencing installed in the backyard, you will need to take some extra time to walk the perimeter and check for any potential gaps in the fence. You may find some holes that your puppy could squeeze through and escape by. Making any repairs ahead of time will ensure that this will not be a problem for your puppy.

Make Sure the Fence Is Not Easily Climbable

Along with checking for any holes, you should also check the height of the fence and whether it can easily be scaled. This can be a real problem for shorter fences and chain-link fences alike since your puppy could learn how to climb the fence and escape. Keeping this in mind should help you determine if replacement or other preventive measures should be taken.

Set Up an Enclosed Area for Safe Playtimes

An easy way to keep your puppy safe while they are in your yard is through setting up an enclosed space. A dog-run can include tall fences, an awning above for sun protection, and a concrete floor, allowing your puppy to have a confined space to spend time outdoors without the risk of escaping.

Include Some Essentials for Comfort

Some items to include in your yard are a basic dog house for shelter, a large water dish, and some toys to keep your puppy busy. These items can help keep your puppy safe while outdoors and deter them from digging holes or getting into any other kind of trouble.

Look Into Whether Any Plants May be Poisonous

Your landscaping may be an issue since puppies will often try to chew and eat practically anything they find. Checking if your yard has any toxic plants, such as oleander, peace lilies, or azalea, and removing them can ensure that your puppy will not get sick due to ingesting the wrong kinds of plants.

With so many ways to prepare your yard for the introduction of a puppy, it is best to get started early. By making the yard a safe space for your puppy, you can be confident that they will be able to play outdoors without any issues. Contact a fencing company like Holman Fence LLC if you have any questions.


25 August 2015