Choosing The Perfect Fence

When you first buy a home, you might care more about your furniture or your home's facade than you do about your front fence. However, there aren't many home components that play as important of a role as that yard enclosure. In addition to protecting your kids and pets, fences can also dress up your property and make the area look polished. Unfortunately, if you don't know a lot about fences, it might be difficult to choose one when you have the chance. My blog is designed to walk you through your fence options, so that you aren't left wondering how to improve your curb appeal.

Two Concerns When Choosing A Gate For The Driveway To Your Business


While you want your business to be open and inviting for potential customers, you also don't want it to be an easy target for vandals or thieves. This is where a security gate can come in handy. There are several options of gates to choose from, and two key determining factors when choosing a gate will be how much room you have and how you will open the gate.  

The Size of the Gate and Your Driveway

Automated slide gates are popular in the gate market. These gates run on tracks that extend to one side of your driveway and will simply slide out of the way when it is time to open. These are good gates, and as long as you have room to the side of your driveway, they are a good choice. If you are working with limited space, then you should consider using either a vertical pivot or a vertical lift gate. in the case of a lift gate, the gate will have a pivot point at one side of your driveway and a mechanism that lifts the gate and allows it to pivot up out of the way. A lift gate has mechanisms on either side of the gate that allow it to lift directly up and out of your way. If clearance is a concern, then a pivot gate is a better choice than a lift gate. On the other hand, if you want the most secure gate, then a lift gate is a better choice.

How You Will Open Your Gate

Many security gates use a keypad to open or close the gate. This provides a good minimum level of security, but the more people there are that know your code, the less secure your gate is. Remotes allow you to have better control over who opens or closes your gate. For example, if you plan for your gate to be open during business hours, then you or a manager can open the gate in the morning and close it at quitting time. A security gate is only effective if an unwanted guest cannot easily bypass it, so think carefully how you will open and close your gate.  

A security gate may not be right for every business, but if you have a lot of equipment out in your yard, then simply locking the gates to your main store will not be enough to keep your business secure. A good fence and security gate will provide an extra layer of protection for your building but will also help to protect what you have outside. Contact a local outlet, such as Phoenix Fence, Co., for further assistance.  


18 August 2015