Benefits Of PVC Fencing For Pool Areas


If you are looking for a good type of fencing to install around your pool area, then you should consider going with PVC fencing. There are so many great things about PVC fencing that make it a good choice for many conditions, but many of those benefits also make it a fantastic choice specifically for your pool area. Here are some of the reasons why you may want to go with PVC fencing for the fence that you have installed around your pool.

21 February 2019

3 Solid Material Options To Consider When Replacing Residential Fencing


The fence around your property is one of the more important features, both structurally and visually. If your current fence is in rough shape and warrants a replacement, be sure to consider these material options. They can make for great investments for your home.  Aluminum  If you're looking for a material that's fairly durable and thus will last for quite some time, aluminum might be a great option. It's much more affordable than other metal options like steel and wrought-iron, and it has a lightweight design that makes it easier to install around your property.

14 November 2018

It Will Be Cold Before You Know It: How To Get Your Wood Fence Ready For Winter


Winter will be here before you know it. If you haven't taken steps to winterize your wood fence, now's the time to take care of that. Harsh winter weather can destroy your wood fence, especially if you haven't taken the appropriate steps to protect it. Luckily, preparing your wood fence for winter isn't all that time-consuming. In fact, you can probably take care of the entire process in a weekend. Here are four crucial steps you should take to winterize your wood fence.

28 August 2018

Three Pet-Friendly Types Of Fences


Fencing can perform a wide variety of different functions, from acting as a privacy screen for your backyard to a security fence that is designed to keep intruders and animals out of your yard. However, fences that are designed to keep your pets inside your yard are another thing entirely, and they can take a variety of distinctive forms, as a result. Understanding what some of the most common pet-friendly fencing styles are can help you choose the best ones for your needs.

29 May 2018

How To Maintain A Chain Link Fence


Chain link fencing is one of the most affordable and lightweight fences available, and its low cost and easy installation even over larger areas make it an ideal choice for both commercial and residential properties. However, like all other types of fencing materials, weather exposure can gradually break down the structural integrity and appearance of chain link fencing. This can cause holes to develop in your fencing, letting pests, pets, and intruders easily passing through and ruining the aesthetic of your yard or property.

12 April 2018

Two Fencing Issues To Consider


A fence on your property can be easily installed whenever you like. However, if you don't want to have problems once it's up, it's smart to consider the following issues before the fencing contractor's crew arrives. Is the Fence Going on Your Property? Be Sure Many years ago, someone who owned the real estate you currently own may have made an informal, personal deal with a neighbor about where their fence would go.

20 January 2017

Tips For Maintaining Your Wood Fence


If you would like to make sure that your wood fence will last for as long as possible, you will want to check out the following tips. Keep The Post Bases Caulked Even though you are securing your posts in place with concrete, you will want to add an extra layer of protection by adding a line of caulking where the wood and concrete meet. This will ensure that even the slightest amount of shifting will not allow any water to make its down further down along the wood post base.

11 August 2016